Friday, June 12, 2009

Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley, Pour Me the Brandy

Well, I bawled like a baby when they did it, but I can't remember when I've been this happy.

Maybe it's the going in and out of the hospital twice (that's right, twice. I had a repeat episode on Wednesday--still don't know what's wrong) in one week.

Maybe it's being back in my hometown finally after a hellish last semester of graduate school.

Maybe it's the uncertainty my future between finding a job and getting my long-term health in order.

Maybe it's the fact that I started off the season with them in Stockholm for my very first live Penguins game and will finish it off next week with them in Las Vegas for the NHL Awards.

Maybe it's that I got to tell Ray Shero in person on October 5th at the Globen Arena thank you for all he has done with this team because it is so much more than hockey; it brings our city hope.

Whatever it is, I am completely overwhelmed and overjoyed. This has only strengthened my passion (obsession?) for reaching my ultimate goal of working in community relations for a professional sports team. Because I know that this is more than sports. It's bigger than a Stanley Cup, a Super Bowl Ring, or any other athletic honor bestowed upon the Steel City. It is the pulse of our city.

And I am damn proud to be a part of it.


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