Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Been a While

The summer's going fast. Thought I would update before it's all over.

The NHL awards were incredible. Had one of the best times of my life. Meeting Ovechkin, Datsyuk, Mike Green, Bylsma, and getting to see Ray Shero again was like a total dream come true. Spending time with my friend Dawn (who I met in Stockholm) and her friends was pretty awesome too. =)

My 24th came and went. Dara was lovely enough to take me out to dinner and my parents had some really nice treats in store. Nothing too crazy.

Started my new job a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. Good times with great people and getting paid on top of it. Really can't be beat.

I bought the most beautiful road bike in the entire world and am obsessed with it. I hope to get in at least on triathlon before the season's over, but we'll see with my health the way it is...

That said, I have my second appointment with the specialist in Chi-town this Tuesday. I hope he sees something in my test results that points to what my problem is. I've been feeling much better (like night and day compared to the spring semester), but still not 100% by any means. I want to be all better. That's the goal and I have complete faith it will happen.

Mom's divorce is close to being finalized. They have agreed on a settlement and she's moving everything out of the house August 22nd. I am reminded of how blessed I am with wonderful friends as, since my mom cannot afford movers, about 12 of my friends (maybe more) from college, high school, Joyful Noise, EatnPark--everywhere--are coming to help out. It's really wonderful of them.

Just got back from a visit with Justin in NYC. Had a blast doing our usual: partying, drinking wine and playing cards, going to Olive Garden, being pampered, and taking our b&w photo shoot. Classic. Barbara and Buddy were spending the summer up there so I got to see them as well. I can't wait to be at the beach with all of them! A week of friends, drinking, and relaxation in paradise!

One of the main reasons I decided to update, however, was not on the joyous side of life. Yesterday, Caleb's friend Robby was found in his bed, unconscious and not breathing. No one even knows how he died yet. He was my age, in good health. It's just tragic. I hadn't talked to him for a while, mainly because I was upset with him over something rather petty. Now I am just devastated. Not that he and I were at all close. Acquaintances at best. But, you know, be careful how you treat people and how your pride allows you to act. You just never know. And people are worth so much more than foolishness. I was fortunate enough, however, to have him offer to help with my mom's move the day before he died. That was really moving to me. I don't know if he saw the response I posted thanking him for the offer and kindness, but it gives me some comfort at least. Some.

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