Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Days Fly By

Got my diploma today. Officially a jack of all trades, Master of Arts now. ;)

Went on a decent warm-up bike ride yesterday. about 15 miles. The goal is to be doing 60+ by the time Amanda gets here in early August.

So much exciting stuff coming up! Vegas 2.0 with my Boulder girls. OBX with Justin, Barbara, Buddy and others in tow. The Great Race (10k) in September. AND, the world's most exciting New Year's Adventure--EVER:

December 30th-January 5th

Wednesday--arrive in Miami, check into beach-front hostel, chill
Thursday--shopping, chilling, sightseeing!
Friday--night of mayhem as we ring in the new year in one of the nation's biggest party towns!
Saturday--trip it to Tampa for Pens vs. Lightening
Sunday--up early for the commute back to Miami. Steelers vs. Dolphins, baby. Woot! This followed by Pens vs. Panthers only 45 minutes later!
Monday--recovery day
Tuesday--back to the 'burgh after showing Floria what's up

Good times on a daily basis as well. My life is on continuous party/adventure it seems. After work last night Caleb and JFF hit me up for some old school South Side partying. We rocked out at Bar 11 (probably one of the best bars in the 'burgh currently), and reminisced.

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