Monday, April 12, 2010

As an Answer to Your Questions

So, yes, I got the SAT job. Yay! It is, unfortunately, not an answer to all the money issues and job searches, as it is not a full-time salaried position. Here's what it is.

The Princeton Review is in no way affiliated with Princeton, the really good university. It is, however, a prestigious standardized-test prep company with offices in every major US city. (It's Kaplan's biggest competition, if you're familiar with them.) I've been certified as an SAT prep instructor ( it works is, you do the training and see if you're a good enough teacher, which I did very well. You also need to score at least a 700 on each section of the new SAT, and I need to score higher on my math section before I am 100% ready to go). With this certification, I can bid to teach courses (the schedule goes up and you put in requests for which ones you want to teach), tutor private students, proctor exams, and grade essays. All of which pays really well.

So, my plan is to proctor and grade to my little heart's desire now through July. I got one of those temporary Census jobs which starts the last week in April and goes through June. That will take up most of my time for those two months, especially considering I am still doing Camel and Crazy Mocha. (Yes, I have four jobs. Yay Master's degree.) Then I am going to visit Manolis in Cyprus (god and bank account willing) in July for a few weeks. The plan is to then start the SAT teaching full force as fall is their really busy season.

So, that's the job update. Thanks all of you for your support and positivity. I appreciate it more than you know.

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