Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm Thinking About Writing a Book

A lot of books, actually. I mean, I've got shit to say. And, like my mom says, if Sarah Palin can write a book, anything can. (And I do mean anything.)

Specifically, though, I think I'm going to write a book about my experience as a young, intelligent, American woman, graduating with a Master's degree and her quest to land an entry-level, 30K a year job (the meat of the book being all those part-timers in between). I mean, after my interview today I could potentially have 5 jobs. And still, still, find myself completely unable to take care of myself. I mean, I live a home (no rent, no utilities, and most of my food is paid for), and my dad pays for my health care and car insurance, and my mom has paid for all of my medical care over the past nearly year and a half (because insurance doesn't cover anything you actually need, unless you want to surrender yourself to a live of misery and lies).

Currently, my jobs are: spokes model, barista, test prep instructor, and Census taker. I'm thinking of applying to train to be a bar tender a few nights a week and am interviewing to be a "photo booth attendant" (I see potential for a lot of chapters to be written with that one) this afternoon. That would be six--SIX--jobs. Come on, America. You really need to do better than that.

Of course, I could just save up all of my material for one long, unpublishable memoir that no one would ever read. The story of my life could be edited to be very entertaining. I mean, let's be honest, shit happens to me that just doesn't happen to other people, especially when you throw Julie and Caleb stories into the mix. But then, as was already stated in the description of such a book, no one would be able to benefit from my insightful perception of our existence. Wouldn't want such a treasure going to waste, now would we? ;)

All in all, this job hunt has been an adventure all its own. And whether or not the story ever makes it way to the pages of a New York Times bestseller, it's certainly a tale to take note of, even if I'm the only one taking notes.

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Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, me too. I've pretty much decided I would write fiction though. Unlike yours, my life is far too predictable and mundane...well, except for the times you're around! :) I would read your book, no matter the topic. :)