Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I had a thought. I want to do things with groups of people, you know, people our age, just trying to balance work (or finding a job), finances, friends, family. But it's hard to see all of your friends all the time. I go months without seeing my closest friends just because it can be so difficult to find the time to do something with each person individually.

Also, I want to give back. I think a lot of people do but don't know how. A lot of people do but don't want to put in the energy to organize or plan things. And some people just don't think about it, but, if reminded, would love to.

So, here's the solution I came up with: Social Service.

Here are my thoughts. I'll plan one social event and one service event a month. I'll write about it on here to give detail of the events, create facebook events, and already made a "page" on facebook where I'll post the information. Go "like" it to get in on the events!

Anyone can go. You can go to only service events, only social events, some of both. Just once and never again...whatever you like! Bring friends, family, invite people on facebook, or just check out the blog to see how events went (I'll try to post photos and details about events after they happen too).

I figure that one service and one social event a month is a great way to get together and get involved, but not too much for one person to plan. I hope you like the idea and will consider joining in. =)

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