Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Job Rundown

Hey, hey!

So, yes, I am working 5 jobs. No, I'm not crazy. I'm just a.) excited to be able to be as active as I've always been =) (take THAT, tick!) and b.) am in debt and need to make some cold hard cash. Hey, if I can't find a well-paying "real" job, I'll take 5 decent-paying part-time jobs. =)

Here's the rundown for those of you who are confused.

MediaStar Promotions: This is the one where I walk around and hand out free shit. It used to be awesome (20 hours a week with a team leader who did all the hard stuff), now it's totally lame (9 hours a week and we have to run our asses to the office three times a week). I end up working two nights a week, between Wednesday and Saturday.

Crazy Mocha, Cranberry: Barista, plain and simple. I open on Sundays and work one week night a week, plus any covering a need to do.

The Priceton Review: This one was the most difficult to land (really challenging training) and is currently on the back burner. I still need to complete two more SAT practice tests and will probably do most of the work for this as online grading and test proctoring until after the Census job is done.

Census Enumerator: Fancy way of saying I annoy people in their homes. If you didn't fill out your Census, be expecting to have me knocking on your door. It's flexible hours, but I can work up to 40 hrs a week. I just need to be a little more disciplined and actually work that many hours, because the money can't be beat and this only lasts through June 22nd.

ShutterBooth, photo booth attendant: Probably the most unusual of my jobs, but also incredibly awesome. I attended my first event (as a "shadower") and went through my formal training already. This weekend I shadow again and as early as next week could be on my own. I construct and "host" photobooths that people rent for their events. The most common are weddings, but there are also proms, birthdays, benefits, etc. I can work this Friday through Saturday, but most commonly Saturdays. The pay is great and I work one long day a week instead of short hours throughout the week.

So there it is. Here's to doing whatcha gotta do to get a dollar bill. ;)

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