Sunday, September 27, 2009

Money, Money, Money...MONEY!

Working like crazy right now. Covering shifts for Crazy Mocha (oh yeah, I work there) and then there are the crazy shifts for the other job due to the G20 suck-it as I've taken to calling it. So, basically, here's the rundown.

Work promo gig Friday night til 1am, Crazy Mocha 8-4, promo 9-1, then again with the coffee shop today 3-9:30. After I close here I have to go somewhere (anywhere) to do yet another promo shift, and get done as soon as I get my numbers, but on a Sunday night who knows when that will be...then Crazy Mocha tomorrow and Tuesday 4-close, with promo starting again Wednesday night.

Blah, what a week.

And, even given all of that, I'll actually be making less money than usual because we're not making up all of the hours that we missed Wednesday and Thrusday due to G20. Grrrr...

So, that's what's up. I'll take it though. Honestly, when I think back to the Comm Dept at CU, I'll take working two part time jobs with a Master's Degree. Whatev. Anything's better than being out there.

That said, I do miss so many people. I can't wait for Amanda to come visit (October 16th!!), and I honestly would love to go back for a visit sometime. I'm sure Boulder could be quite enjoyable without the stress of the department. =) Would like to experience that.

Giving a lot of thought to my life and the process in general. Obviously the level of cliche-ity of the phrase "you don't know what you've got till it's gone" is off the charts. However, the accuracy of that statement is not to be messed with. I am the biggest appreciator of life ever. Hands down. But never, ever did I (nor could I) truely appreciate waking up each morning without pain. Every day is a struggle now. Simple tasks seem daunting. And even things I look forward to (going to visit Manolis in October!!! =D) are met with at least some hesitation as I wonder how well I'll be and how much I'll really be able to do "normal" things.

It's really discouraging to know how well I was in June and July then to totally relapse in August for seemingly no reason and with no improvement in sight. I have lost no hope. I have great resolve that I will be well again, but the daily grind can certainly get to you at times.

In the meantime, those able should come and visit me at Crazy Mocha in Cranberry! =) What in the world would you rather be doing?

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