Thursday, October 1, 2009

In the Event of a Fire...

...please do not use the elevators.

Don't ask me. I just wanted to write that.

I'm sitting at Crazy Mocha, Oakland (because, when I worked at Starbucks I was a patroning the shit out of their various locations as well), staring at this big painted map mural of sorts and trying to identify all of the countries to which I've been. And feeling a little douchy about it, because really, what jackass sees the world on a wall and can only think of its relation to himself? "Oh look, the whole fucking planet! Let's think of me, now, shall we?"

Anyway, it makes me think of my upcoming trip to London, and I'm pretty excited about that, I must say. You know what confuses the hell out of me? The United Kingdom. Just when I think I have it down, it goes all wonky on me again. Like, what the crap? England is a country, so is Scotland. Wales and Northern Ireland too. Ok, got it. And the UK is this sovereign state governing body thing that connects them all. And Great Britain is...what exactly? I'm sure I could Wikipedia this shit and have my answers in a matter of moments, but I've looked this up before and I always just lose myself halfway. Somehow anything beyond countries and continents is beyond me. Hello ugly American syndrome. Now, if England, Scotland, Wales, and N.I. were states, I'd be all over that. ;)

Things are better. Better than my last post. I'm not really feeling better physically, but that's really not what's important. It's keeping handle on yourself despite environmental setbacks. I think back to my Christian past and I do seem to find some positive applicable things amidst all the drama. (Actually, most of it is valuable and reasonable...just not executed well by people. Typical.) But yes, I remember distinctly being told to be joyful in the Lord. You will be happy and sad as you go through life. Because you're human and that's how that works. But to remain joyful is to be more Godly than worldly.

I like that. I believe that. Asking myself about my emotional foundation rather than fretting over my emotional state is a net positive, I believe. And more effective too.

So, a second ago I went on this long rant about being self conscious and wanting people to like me. Then I deleted it because it was dumb. Just thought you should know. We operate under an open and honest policy here.

Mmmmmm, Sushi Boat. Did you know that the avocado roll is still only TWO NINETY-FIVE?! Holy crap, Sushi Boat, why don't you just go down on me? Same effect. You can't get a gosh-darn latte for $2.95 (especially not a soy one...damn vegans). This is unprecedented. I love you, sweet, sweet Pittsburgh, despite your piss poor decision making demonstrated in bringing the G20 Suck-it to town. It's ok, at least two people I know got arrested and that's funny at least.

Wow, ok, no crazy stream-of-consciousness freewrite going on here, folks. Move along. I'm going to shut up before I hurt myself.

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Candice said...

Wonderful. I love you more than your blog, although its quite competitive as blogs go. Feel better. Enjoy London. Here in Baltimore, we have a guest room in case you ever want to do a road--"economy's in a slump butwha the hell"--trip.